Secrets to refresh your face skin

If Cleopatra had indeed practiced all the beauty rituals now attributed to her, she probably would not have had time to rule the empire.

But one of her beauty recipes is beyond doubt – she knew perfectly well how milk is good for the skin.

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A friend of dry skin

If the skin is dry and sensitive or if the first wrinkles have already appeared, you will find the most suitable cosmetic in the refrigerator.

Milk is a great moisturizer for dry, irritated and aging skin, because its proteins, fats and vitamins soothe the skin and suppress irritation. Lactic acid, by helping to remove dead skin cells and promoting their regeneration, softens and smoothes the skin and makes the signs of aging less visible!

You will discover the good properties of milk both by using it pure and by choosing cosmetics that contain milk.

Milky pleasures

 Instead of detergent.

Daily washing with milk will give softness to the skin and lighten it a little. The skin will be moisturized and nourished. Just don’t forget to wash your face with water afterwards.

Soothing compresses.

If there are dry areas or irritated areas on the skin, treat them with milk compresses. Soak cotton swabs in milk and hold for at least 20 minutes after applying to damaged areas. Remember that only whole milk is suitable for such compresses, because skimmed milk lacks fat, which is the most important for intensive skin hydration.

Prepare the royal milk bath by adding 2 to 4 cups of milk to the warm water. You can lie in such a bath for about 20 minutes, then grab a scrubbing brush or glove and rub it all over your body. Lactic acid will already have softened the skin, so now you can easily exfoliate all the dead skin cells.

A mask to help dry skin.

 Apply cold milk to the face and hold such a mask for 20 minutes, then rinse with water and lubricate the face with cream.

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