How to Make the Stunning Photos For Blog & Instagram

Photo by William Priess on Unsplash

You just need to follow a few simple rules.

Photo by Lili Cambalova on Unsplash

Use natural light. Lighting is the foundation of a good photo.

Shoot at the right time.

Follow the rule of thirds.

Consider your viewpoint.

Draw the viewer’s eye.


The rule of thirds

Divide your image into a 3×3 grid, and align the subject or object in a photo along the grid lines to create balance.

Photo by William Priess on Unsplash

There is no silver coin for making a professional photo. It usually takes years of operation; however, as a new photographer, you will find that there are some things that will greatly enhance your image without much effort. If you want to improve your photography skills so that you can take beautiful Instagram photos no matter what resources you have, then this article is for you.

Understand the light

Light is one of the great sources of photography. Lots of light, and your theme looks washed out. It’s small, and the black image doesn’t attract your audience. When creating a product image, you want to understand how light affects the area you normally photograph. The early morning and sunset often illuminate the soft light. The bright rays of the afternoon sun often blow up the white parts of the image. If you know how the sun and lights behave in your space, then it will be easier to plan to take pictures.

Apply layers to create interest

Some Smartphones have portrait mode that you can get so you can easily create depth in your photos. For example, it might be best to focus on your topic and blur the background if you have complex locations. The grid feature is accessible on most Smartphones and digital cameras. It allows you to see the shape of your gun before taking a photo.

Consider your point of view.

If you take a picture on your phone, you probably raise it close to that level and click on it, right? That’s what everyone does, too. Resist this tendency if you want to take interesting, unexpected photos.

Taking pictures from a different vantage point will provide new ideas or refer to a commonplace or topic. Try shooting above or below, crouching down, or leveling the wall (if you feel the urge to excel).

Don’t overdo it

Many approaches like editing apps can add a professional look to photos. To create a reliable look, filters can be used. Editing can be a way to take Instagram or blog pictures to give a stunning look. But you have to be careful not to edit it so much. Spending time is not just a big burden on your advertising budget. Several editing makes very little change to your fans. In fact, excessively explicit images can have different effects on the appearance of deception, illegal, and obscene content. That’s not what consumers want to get on Instagram. Emphasis on taking improved photos from the get-go and seeing particular filters that you can use immediately to make the images stand out from the crowd.

Use White Space

Several of the Instagram photos feature a white space – or the same neutral color. The white space provides your theme with a living room. Permits the focus to be independent of the image. You don’t have to create all the images to be close to somebody or something. Let the focus to overwhelm all that apparently little space to direct meaning of confidence.

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