Dear customers in order to complete successful return please follow steps below

1. Return must be approved, so please contact before first. Shipping and handling fees are non-refundable. Re stocking fee may be added in case you have used our free shipping promotion.

2. Return should be made only from country parcel was sent to.

3. DAO (damaged on arrival) are to be reported with visual proof. Returns accepted only with no wear or abuse signs. Any fiscal damage wear marks products will be refused.

4. Start return process within reasonable time that would take to inspect merchandise. After return process is approved, merchandise should be carefully packed with padded wrap, strong box. Please note that customer takes full responsibility for safety or return process. Send it via traceable means. Whole return process should take no more then 30 days of receipt.

For customers outside European Union

5. Please do not dispose original box it is a proof parcel originates from Lithuania, without original parcel returned items are subject to additional customs duties. Returned mail piece must contain CN22 or CN23 declaration slip

this is why you need to send back whole parcel or just part of it cut out from original box. In order to return parcel you will have to fill customs declaration in your local post office. Please mark parcel as gift low value, return reason "return to sender - damaged, unwanted" in order pass customs with no delays or extra charged.

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