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  1. Is Amber the New GOLD? How to Test and Identify Amber

    Is Amber the New GOLD? How to Test and Identify Amber

    I love amber because it is so easy for an average person to misidentify it as plastic! Some amber necklaces sell for hundreds and even thousands of dollars so taking the time to learn these simple tests to identify Amber can be valuable information.

    Now there are more advance tests that only a laboratory can do, but honestly unless you come across an extremely rare piece with an insect in it, which would increase its value to thousands of dollars. I personally would not invest the time or money to have advance tests done.

    These tests are more then sufficient to sell confidently on Ebay. Especially since (Most of the time) I'm usually only spending 50 cents or less for my pieces when I buy in bulk.

    Nothing we say is a rule! There are no rules, think outside the box! Be your own boss. We hope that we give you some ideas that will benefit you, or at very least you find our videos entertaining

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  2. How can you tell if Amber is real?

    How to Tell If Your Amber Piece Is Real

    As it is with the world, humans always find new ways to try to copy nature. Amber was discovered during the early 18th century when a group of scientists found a way to synthesize it. Natural materials were made into less valuable copies and slowly brought into the market. These pieces were used as jewelry and, naturally, their price was high.

    Nowadays fake Baltic amber has flooded the market, and most people do not even realize it. People intend to purchase these amber pieces and think of them as genuine because they cannot tell the difference. Sadly, many of these people are exploited as merchants who sell fake amber usually do so at a high price.

    Of course, any ordinary person can be deceived and may not be able to tell the difference. However, a person with a good understanding of the healing powers of the stone, as well as its texture and quality, can differentiate fake amber from real amber.

    To ma

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