Caring for Your Gemstone

Amber is a beautiful gem that looks stunning in any setting. To make sure that it stays beautiful it’s essential that you learn how to care for it properly.

To ensure that your gem continues to shine, make sure to apply a wax that’s silicon-based once every four to six months. This wax can also help prevent your piece from oxidizing.

Do not use a jewelry machine or steam cleaner when you polish or clean your amber, as these machines can damage your piece. Instead, use a warm water solution with a mild soap. Place the solution into a container and drop the amber into it. Leave it to sit for ten minutes, then remove the amber and dry it with a flannel cloth.

You can also place a drop of olive oil onto the amber and use a soft cloth to polish it.

Because amber is a not technically a stone, it is also not as stable as other gems you may own. Due to is being softer than most gemstones, amber should be stored separately from your other pieces of jewelry to avoid scratches.

To store your piece of amber wrap it in a soft cloth and place it in a separate jewelry box or pouch for safekeeping.